Classes Offered

JAZZ (ages 5+)

Upbeat and energetic, jazz offers the dancer a chance to learn jumps, turns and kicks, combined with funky movements and current music.  Offered to students aged 5 and up, various jazz styles are explored while building technique, strength, flexibility, and rhythm.

TAP (ages 5+)

Tap is the only dance discipline that allows one's own body to become the instrument!  Offered to students aged 5 and up, tap promotes rhythm, coordination, musicality, control, and balance.

BALLET  (ages 5+)

The key to being the best possible dancer you can be is to study ballet!  It is the foundation of all dance and teaches poise, grace, technique, confidence, discipline, and strength.  Ballet is offered to dancers aged 5 and up.  LNDC promotes the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus training and examinations are offered at all age and skill levels.

HIP HOP (ages 8+)

This street-style form of dance, set to current music, is a big hit with young dancers as many of the "urban" movements are found in popular music videos.  This "family friendly" class is offered to students aged 8 and up and promotes creativity, rhythm, style, and athleticism.

ACROBATICS (ages 5+)

Acrobatics is best described as a combination of dance and floor gymnastics.  Acro classes focus on building strength, flexibility, and control through safe conditioning drills and stretches in a well-spotted environment.  Offered to children aged 5 and up, instructors work on skills such as rolls, cartwheels, walkovers, balances, hand stand walking, aerials and tumbling.

LYRICAL (ages 10+)

Offered to students 10 years and older, Lyrical is a combination of jazz and ballet technique.  Dancers are able to express emotions by interpreting the lyrics of a song.  They tell the story of the piece through their movements.  Lyrical allows the dancer to gain the technique involved in ballet and jazz as well as expressing and exploring movement and creativity.

LEAPS AND BOUNDS (ages 3 & 4)

This specialized program for 3 and 4 year olds was personally created by Miss Lisa, with the inspiration and guidance of the late Rosemarie Boyden.  This hour-long class combines a half hour of circle stretching and ballet, with a half hour of jazz.  The class offers the best of both worlds, as these tiniest of dancers are able to explore the gracefulness of ballet and the upbeat tempo of jazz! Dancers learn musicality, coordination, routine adaptation, listening skills, movement exploration, and memory skills.  The maximum number of children per class is 12, with one professional instructor and three assistants to help achieve success each week.

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